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For years I've been able to sync my Outlook events into my Google Calendar using the URL feature. The sync always took several hours to a few days to work. Now it just does not work at all. I've tried unlinking and relinking the calendars and while it will import the current events it will not update and sync as I change events in Outlook. Very disappointing.

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Google Calendar to Outlook Calendar Sync Issues - … I have subscribed my outlook calendar to my gmail account + calendar. I can see all google added items on my PC's outlook calendar. However, I cannot add to my outlook calendar and have it appear/sync on the google calendar. View Your Google Calendar in Outlook 2007 - Just open your Google Calendar and go to Settings \ Calendar. Pick the calendar you want to sync with Outlook. Now in the Private Address field click on the ICAL button. This will show you your private Calendar address. Copy this address to the clipboard. Now open Outlook and go to Tools \ Account Settings. In Account Settings choose the Internet Calendars tab, click on New… and Paste the URL you just copied from Google into the location and click Add. How do I... Synchronize a Google calendar with an Outlook ...

Although the program does support some Internet calendar subscriptions, Microsoft Outlook 2007 cannot sync with Google Calendar by default. Google does offer a tool that adds this capability to ... Sync Google Calendar with Outlook 2007 Calendar - Super User I tried it and I found one bug. Whenever you add your calendar into MS Outlook 2007 and sync into Google Calendar, Reminder is set top at 15 minuets. My Default Reminder already set as Email - 10 Min. and SMS - 10 MIN. so you have to change reminder manually in every event which you added into MS Outlook. It works well tho... Hope this will help. Sync Outlook 2007 Calendar (and Contacts?) with Google ... I have read what has been previously posted, but do not see the answer I want... I love Outlook and don't want to use anything else for my Calendar. How to Sync Microsoft Outlook With Google Calendar | The ...

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