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What do you do with your sticky notes?

Next, grab your sticky note template and stick 6 sticky notes onto the page with the adhesive facing the BOTTOM of the template.You have some groovy looking sticky notes to hand out and use for assessment, student desk motivators or just personal reminders (because we always forget something!) Prototyping with Sticky Notes - Elizabeth Chesters -… Sticky note prototyping is still paper prototyping. Even though you’re still using paper there are still certain levels of detail that you can use.What prototyping with sticky notes can do is focus on content. Aspects like priority, order, storytelling of the page are the main focus. Part 3. What Sticky Notes can"t do? Do you know what exactly is a sticky note stands for? Sticky Notes is an application majorly for utility purpose available with Microsoft Windows 7 and older versions. It is used to create a variety of notes that stay glued to your desktop screen. It's an electronic version of age old paper sticky notes.

You can type your short notes in these editors, select the preferred fonts and formatting and then copy and paste them to Sticky Notes. When you do this, the text format will be transferred to your note. 10 Unbelievably Creative Things to Do With Post-it Notes 10 Unbelievably Creative Things to Do With Post-it Notes Thanks to these bright-yellow sticky squares, we get to write down our 'To Do' lists, which makes our day progress as planned. However, there are ample other creative things to do with post-its, like this wall clock, where you can put your creativity to good use. New Uses for Post-It Notes - Clever Ways to Use Sticky Notes You already use them to jot down to-dos, take messages, and remember your keys on the way out the door, but that's not all these handy notes can do. Try using them all over the house with these ...

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If you need to motivate yourself to learn something, or to change something, sticky notes can be your best friend. Consider such things as: Consider such things as: Quitting smoking, chocolate or some other habit.

Communicate, Collect & Collaborate with Sticky Notes —… Digital sticky notes don't have to be limited to text. Check this out: I created a wall with a selection of videos I've made. The wall was quick to put together.You can even see the note as its being created. This can be extremely distracting. Lino stickies do not appear until the note is completed. Things you can do with Sticky Notes for your computer. Digital Notes – Post-It Notes and Sticky Notes. July 25, 2011 Joan Y Edwards 10 Comments.2. To show you an idea of what you can do, I created a Memoboard with my writing goals What to do with all those sticky notes? – 3 Rs 4… Correction: both my home desk and my work desk are covered in sticky notes. I also have sheets of papers with to-do lists, files for various projectsNotes can be organized into categories, and you can even download an addiional feature that will automatically create notes out of any Tweets that you...


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